Stilton is one of the best examples of an English type of blue mold cheese and comes from a town of the same name. This means that feta cheese is a healthier option than many aged hard cheeses. As a result, many flavors, colors, and textures of processed cheese exist. There are many varieties of cheese to choose from. Hard cheese is a very firm cheese that has a low moisture content and rich, deep, sometimes nutty, flavors. Gorgonzola is a fine example of crumbly Italian blue mold cheese with a light blue and white marbling effect. Some types of Ricotta are also baked, fermented, or salted to enhance taste and texture. Dolce Gorgonzola is a milder variety of this mold cheese. This cheese-making process results in a white cheese with a mild taste. serving containing 20% of your calcium RDI. This helps to give Brie its distinctive white edible mold rind which also helps keep the shape of this soft cheese. In the U.S., the orange/white cheese called Colby-Jack and is made using a similar process. So, the best cheese to choose can be any of the ones mentioned in this article as they are all rich in nutrients. Generally, types of cheese that are described as semi-soft are somewhere between firm cheeses such as Cheddar and soft cheeses such as Brie. Some types of cheese taste mild and buttery whereas some kinds of hard cheese have a sharp, nutty flavors. However, processed cheese is generally a far inferior product to natural cheese as it often includes unhealthy additives, flavoring, and emulsifiers. ", "Process of sterilizing cheese and an improved product produced by such process,", "Cheese and process for sterilizing same,", "Processed cheese: What is that stuff anyway? There are literally hundreds of varieties of cheeses to choose from if you are looking for a fancy cheese. Brie and Camembert are the most famous kinds of white mold cheese. It is typically made from a blend of cheeses, most often Colby and cheddar. Natural colors such as annatto or paprika are added to Cheddar to give it a distinct orange color. The desire to use inexpensive imported milk protein concentrate is noted as motivation for the introduction of these and similar terms, and for the relabeling of some products. Varieties of processed cheese can include various types of Cheddar cheese, Red Leicester, Gouda, Edam, Colby, or Gruyère. It has pale color with a slight grayish tinge under a rind of white mold. Still, goat’s cheese comes also in blue mold varieties with characteristic earthy flavors. There are almost as many varieties of Cheddar cheese as there are cheeses. Goat cheese varieties are popular in Mediterranean countries. Cheez Whiz. In the United States, processed cheese is defined, categorized, and regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Section 133 ("Cheeses and Cheese-Related Products"). serving of hard parmesan cheese contains 7 grams of fat, 10 g of protein, and 336 mg of calcium. Cheddar cheese is the most famous English cheese and it has also been rated as the world’s most popular cheese. Chèvre describes popular types of French firm cheeses made from goat’s milk. Most types of goat’s cheese tend to be low in lactose compared to cow’s milk and contain enzymes that help to improve good intestinal bacteria. Some types of fresh cheese have a smooth and creamy texture that makes it easy to spread on crackers, bagels, or toast. Although 100 g of feta cheese contains 21 g of fat, only 14 grams is saturated fat. Gouda is matured in a red rind wax from anywhere between a month and 3 years. However, the taste is very mild in comparison to the aroma and many cheese-lovers enjoy it for this. When it comes to choosing a healthy cheese option, Havarti cheese is similar to cheddar cheese. The first commercially available individually wrapped cheese slices were introduced in the U.S. by Clearfield Cheese Co. in 1956. However, it also contains a lot of calcium, phosphorus, and zinc. Compared to other blue mold cheeses in this category, Danish Blue has a milder flavor than Gorgonzola but a sharper taste than Roquefort. Brie is ripened by using a cheese culture during the processing and then being aged for 4 or 5 weeks. Types of Oysters with Their Flavor and Picture (The Complete Guide), Types of Nuts: Different Nut Varieties With Pictures and Names, Types of Bagels with Their Flavor and Picture, Types of Cooked Eggs: Amazing Types of Egg Styles and Dishes, The Tastiest and Most Exciting Types of Cheese You Didn’t Know About. Danish Blue Cheese (also known as Danablu) is a strong, semi-soft blue-veined cheese made from cow’s milk. Another type of processed cheese created in the United States is Provel pizza cheese, which uses cheddar, Swiss, and provolone cheeses as flavorants. However, it still retains a crumbly texture and has a distinct creamy taste of earthy mushrooms. One of the differences between Camembert and Brie is that Camembert is shaped into smaller flat cylinders than Brie. Cheese is one of the most popular types of dairy foods on the planet. Ricotta is produced by heating whey and then coagulating it to form a crumbly-looking type of cheese. (5). This gives the soft white cheese a tangy, creamy taste. So, if you are looking for a healthier option cheese, parmesan is slightly healthier. However, Cheddar also comes in pale yellow or medium-yellow colors. Brie is one of the most-loved type of French cheese made from cow’s milk and has a mild taste with earthy hints. Processed cheese is often sold in blocks, pressurized cans, and packs of individual slices, often separated by wax paper, or with each slice individually wrapped by machine. Most types of cheese in the “White Mold” category are also soft cheeses. Here is a short list of different types of hard cheese: Parmesan is one of the most popular types of hard cheeses and is often used in Italian dishes and thinly sliced on Caesar salads. Worst: Low-Fat Cheese Processed cheese (also known as prepared cheese, cheese product, plastic cheese or cheese singles) is a food product made from cheese and other unfermented dairy ingredients mixed with emulsifiers. Saint Agur is a veined blue cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk. Of course, you can also choose a low-fat variety of cream cheese or even a fat-free version. During the aging process, which can last between 2 and 36 months, a thick rind develops on the cheese cylinder. The strongest-tasting type of Gorgonzola is Piccante Gorgonzola that is aged for between 6 and 12 months. Soft cheeses are usually not used for cooking. The list of hard cheeses also includes popular varieties such as: Types of hard cheese: Manchego cheese from Spain, Grana-Padano and Gruyère which is a delicious Swiss cheese. Due to its intense flavor, the best way to use this type of blue mold cheese is along with other foods. Cream cheese became popular type of cheese when dairy farms in Philadelphia started to produce this white fresh cheese. Port Salut is a semi-soft cheese made using cow’s milk. The difference with fresh cheese is that they are not aged or ripened as other varieties of cheese are. Other types of fresh cheese Mascarpone is another fresh cheese from Italy that has a soft creamy texture similar to cream cheese. For example, ½ a cup of ricotta (124 g) made from part skim milk contains 14 grams of protein, which is 28% of your RDI. Mozzarella. The Romans started making this type of cheese over 2,000 years ago, making it one of the oldest types of cheeses in the world. Many types of soft cheese contain less fat than firm varieties of cheese such as Cheddar or Edam (which can have up to 55% fat content). ", "Warning Letters: Kraft Foods North America, Inc. 18-Dec-02", American Chemical Society article on processed cheese, "From Cheese to Cheese Food: How Kraft persuaded Americans to accept cheese by divorcing it from its microbe-laden origins", European cheeses with protected geographical status,, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 7 November 2020, at 22:11.


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