Enrol directly in ITE for a National ITE Certificate (Nitec) or Higher Nitec course through the Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP). Music Languages group Other Subjects. Geography Learn more about it. Elective subjects available at upper secondary, Secondary 4: GCE N(A)-Level and/or GCE O-Level (for subjects offered at O-Level), Normal (Academic) at Secondary 5 for GCE O-Level examination, Nitec Programme offered by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), or, Junior college, Millennia Institute, polytechnic or Institute of Technical Education (ITE). For example, in the L1R5 scoring system, the student's L1 or first language (either English or Higher Mother Tongue Language) and R5 or relevant 5 subjects (which must include at least one from the Science & Mathematics group, one from the Humanities group, and excluding subjects such as Religious Studies, Mother Tongue "B" and CCA). Help them make informed choices on their subjects at upper secondary level and beyond. PFP eligibility is based on students’ N-Level aggregate score. Students are expected to learn drills and must wear the respective uniforms. Elements of Business Skills (2009 onwards) Secondary education in Singapore is based on four different tracks or streams:"Integrated Programme", "Express", "Normal (Academic)", or "Normal (Technical)". © 2004-2020 K12academics.com — All Rights Reserved. History What subjects do they teach in singapore secondary schools? English Language and Literature. There are ongoing debates about the effectiveness of streaming, with some arguing that it should be abolished due to its detrimental psychological effects. Competitions and performances are regularly organized. Humanities, such as Geography, History and Literature in English. The subjects offered are: English Language; Mother Tongue Languages; Mathematics; Science; Character and Citizenship Education; Humanities, such as Geography, History and Literature in English; Design and Technology; Food and Consumer Education; Physical Education; Art; Music; Project Work; Compulsory subjects at … Consequently, an L1R5 score of 6 points is considered the best score attainable to enter a Junior College. The Integrated Programme, also known as the "Through-Train Programme" (直通车), is a scheme which allows the most able secondary students in Singapore to bypass "O" levels and take "A" levels, International Baccalaureate or an equivalent examination directly at the age of 18 after six years of secondary education. Main article: Co-curricular activity If your child successfully completes the course with the minimum grade-point-average (GPA), they will be admitted to the first or second year of a related polytechnic diploma programme. Humanities group. Speak to your child’s school for more information on transfer criteria. DPP eligibility is based on students’ N-Level aggregate score. Higher Art (Art Elective Programme) Students may also participate in more than 1 CCA. English Language Humanities group Integrated Sciences. Science (Physics, Chemistry), Science (Physics, Biology), Science (Chemistry, Biology) (these 3 combined together is also known as pure science.) With the exception of schools offering the Integrated Programme, which leads to either an International Baccalaureate Diploma or to an A-level exam, most students are streamed into a wide range of course combinations at the end of their second year, bringing the total number of subjects they have to sit at O-level to between six and ten, with English, Mother Tongue or Higher Mother Tongue Language, Mathematics, one Science and one Humanities Elective being compulsory. Elective subjects available at upper secondary; Elective programmes available; … In Normal (Technical), students take subjects of a more technical nature, such as Design and Technology, while in Normal (Academic) students are prepared to take the O-level exam and normally take subjects such as Principles of Accounting. Some Normal (Academic) students may be placed in the direct O-Level track. These are the 28 schools piloting full subject-based banding from 2020: Ang Mo Kio Secondary School. Bedok Green Secondary School. C5/C6 (Credit/Pass) 2. Learn more about it. Mother Tongue Languages. Co-curricular activities are often categorized under the following: Uniformed Groups, Performing Arts, Clubs & Societies and Sports & Games. At the end of secondary education, only candidates that have attained C6 grade and above for at least 5 academic subjects will receive a School Graduation Certificate (SGC), whereas those above E8 will receive 'O' Level certificates. Assumption English School. Literature in English/Malay/Chinese/Tamil All secondary schools in Singapore standardises the academic grading system after the grading system awarded at the Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level examination, which a student sits at the end of four or five years of secondary education, taking at least 6 subjects. The main uniform groups are NCC (National Cadet Corps), NPCC (National Police Cadet Corps), NCDCC (National Civil Defence Cadet Corps), St John Ambulance Brigade, Red Cross Youth, Singapore Scout Association, Girl Guides, the Boys Brigade and the Girls Brigade. Options and electives. Bowen Secondary School. Compulsory subjects at upper secondary.


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