other aspects of social stratification. <>>> 5. Individuals, positions and groups are differentiated based on specific norms and criteria in a given society. Social stratification isn't just based on wealth, however. Caste systems correlate with high status consistency, whereas the more flexible class system has lower status consistency. In groups and organizations, stratification may take the form of a distribution of power and authority down the ranks. 8 0 obj If want more , then you can contact us on our facebook page . These divisions lead to social inequality—the unequal sharing of resources and social rewards. stream • Material from which house was built – housing conditions in relation to health • But before industrial revolution land was the most important. Sociologists use the term status consistency to describe the consistency, or lack thereof, of an individual’s rank across these factors. <> Praised for its thorough research and scholarship, Social Stratification and Inequality includes current statistics and the latest trends in the field. The study of social stratification by the 1950s, however, was clearly dominated by afunctional perspective. It was a perspective more in line with that of Durkheim than . Social Stratification exists because of natural differences in peoples abilities. f��PVp2�a�H`M.�e��~2d��Y@L6f� N�|�1#LL>*W�$lS�#�[ ��(4j�E�8*�� ��i The study of social stratification by the 1950s, however, was clearly dominated by afunctional perspective. %���� endobj Gender stratification refers to the inequalities between women and men regarding wealth, power, and privilege. CHAPTER FIVE: MODERN THEORIES OF SOCIAL STRATIFICATION 1 17 Marx or even Weber. social stratification is a social class •A segment of society whose members hold similar amounts of resources and share values, norms, and an identifiable lifestyle •Technologically developed countries generally have 3 broad categories: –Upper –Middle –Lower •These are subdivided Material/Economic resources • Most often income and wealth in industrial nations. (PDF) Social Stratification According to Marx and Weber: Comparison of the Theories and Modern Relevance | Yahor Azarkevich - Academia.edu The concept of social stratification serves as one of the central in sociology. (PDF) Effect of social stratification on education: A case study of three generations in a family | arpitha rao - Academia.edu Academia.edu is a platform for academics to share research papers. It was the time when discrimination between people can be seen openly adding to Social Stratification. In some societies, tribal affiliations, age, or caste result in stratification. 4 0 obj 5 0 obj x��Kn�8��r�A$�E�}��Y�3�_�_�(˶bXN�4]_����V�}�w��c�3O��i��w�;�����魙f>��q���B��'cB�����0�t�$K��L�=d�u��e���ч Such dominance could not last. Social Stratification and Education AED 28B Critical Perspectives on Education Outline • Social stratification • Race/ethnicity • Socio-economic status/Class • Language Social Stratification Social stratification – is the allocation of individuals and groups according to various social hierarchies of differing power, status, or prestige. It lessens conflicts & provides structure. 1. endobj <>>> Q. endobj • In some societies, number of animals owned. x���]k�0��B��{� Social Stratification. Social stratification is a particular form of social inequality. endobj endobj �'I5-�0?&:����jY����giu[�/�&!�''����i1���i[�qN�z����k�m��U��LJ�MY ��/$��� �>#���vlki[����J��*�իx�~t���F8&R����1y�=�"�D��p��BLX�.�p�jk5���H��d�/�&�#�����85&s�8�B�q ���a����m�S]�0��7guH2��]G]*]��4Kܮp������ٶ��o��`~+�C�i������NZ�x_�Q����K�_;��B�Up�~�C��|Y�_Q��Ձy���+��~V���mT�wk���m �


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