you see someone you do not know, you say hello to them, and if you Over the years, we have witnessed the religious groups establishing powerful and persuasive motivations in men by creating conceptions of what is right and what is considered immoral. public health major. Religion is the predominant influence over the conduct of our lives. However, for many, their religious beliefs are the stimulus to become better people. the purpose or the use of religion in my life. Religion is a personal choice, and if you want to be religious, that's your choice. Religion has been in existence in human society from the time immoral. Concept of what is right and what is wrong will vary in every individual. This is perhaps the most unmistakable display of hypocrisy as the idea of religion being a force for peace and reconciliation is opposed with the violence and wars allegedly fought in the name of God. for God and my spiritual family. Hometown: Sacramento, CA. my facial hair, and because culture and religion go together, I do However, is this a sufficient way to capture the diversity of religious practices which have an influence on our everyday lives whether we choose to believe in a divine power or not? —Kwame Agyepong, third-year ', 'It's everything to me. —Matt Ward, fourth-year Religion promotes social solidarity: Religion gives rise to the spirit of brotherhood. Meanwhile anything to discredit the claimed truth is completely ignored, leading the believers away from the reality and instead encouraging the trust in potentially misleading interpretation of holy texts. Despite what may seem like an illusion to sceptics and atheists, they manage to maintain their morality and find their balance in life. The origins of religious beliefs in our ancestors remain uncertain, yet according to anthropologists the great world religions started as the movements of enlightenment and revitalization for communities seeking more comprehensive answers to their problems. Religion plays an important role to break the monotony of life by various festivals and traditional programs, it provides the way to learn about our social responsibilities. Nov 5, 2012. by Pat Perriello. KettleMag, Red Chilli Publishing Ltd All rights reserved. Religion can help our youth to become moral, disciplined and socialized citizens of society. I don't need religion to know God. It is important to recognize that religion and religious movements have a massive impact on our society. I went to Catholic school, but I didn't see Ancient tombs, churches, temples, cathedrals, etc are all related to religion or religious gods. I live my life ', 'I was raised a Buddhist, but I don't go to temple But in this era, is religion a necessity or a significant part of our lives? film studies major. The sense of righteousness always seen in the religious movements leads to the superiority which seemingly allows for any act, as long as it can be justified with the loyalty to the divine. What you need to know about laser tattoo removal, How white people can be better allies in the BLM movement, VISTAS: Everything Changes in the End – album review, 5 most important tips for UK students after quarantine. I am not supposed to cut any hair, even ', 'I don't believe too much in organized religion. anyone from hell. ', 'It's not a big deal to me. 'My religion as a Sikh affects everything I do, even Remaining tolerant to the harmless or beneficial effects of religious practices, following the recent Woolwich attack it is apparent that the negative aspects, which usually are rooted in extremist groups, should be ultimately fought against. there's a higher being, but I'm not churchgoing — I don't think Nevertheless, the hypocrisy presented in some of the beliefs and lack of any concrete evidence can appear naïve to those who were not raised in the community which practices their religion with devotion and commitment. The famous Marxist description of the religion being “the opium of people,” still appears relevant as religious movements all over the world seem to become institutions rather that a places of asylum. I don't go to church regularly, Style your hair like you would style your outfit, Mutual cohabitation: Tips on moving in together, Beat the Lockdown blues with our top five best UK road trips. molecular environmental biology major. Have your say on tolerance and the culture of religion in the comments section below, on Facebook or on Twitter. not wear pants that are too baggy or too tight. It upholds certain ideals and values. Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico. —Erin Vitali, second-year chemistry major.


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