Bodybuilding is a 24-hour sport, which requires a certain degree of dedication, sacrifice and repetitive work in order to prevail successfully—but one can, however, get caught up in putting "all their eggs in one basket" and placing too much energy and focus into one thing only. All rights reserved. Through proper nutrition, exercise techniques and learned knowledge over the years, I have accomplished a great deal to get to where I am now with my fitness. portion is sitting there waiting for me!!!! Bones that are never worked out are much more likely to become frail and brittle with time. A whole 8 oz. Bodybuilding puts enormous strain on bones, joints and ligaments. Your health is your life, and bodybuilding is one of the number one ways to improve your personal health, allowing you to acquire and enjoy the most that every day has to offer. When finished, I again take my protein, dissected liver, and multi-vitamin with water. With a gallon jug of water in hand, it's time to "IGNITE". What should a bodybuilder look like? Are you training consistently on a proper program with 100% intensity? I begin to eat slowly and savor each and every bite, trying to control the urge to wolf it all down at once. What kinds of foods make up the majority of your diet? These are just some questions you can, and should, ask yourself from time-to-time to determine if you are making positive choices and living a lifestyle that is suitable for reaching your goals and obtaining success. What is the proper diet at this point? The game has concluded and I've fully relaxed into a somber. Eight weeks to go before I take the stage for a competition that I decided to prepare for two weeks ago. I heat up the beef in the microwave and when it's done, I head to the office to eat! The content on our website is for informational and educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare professional. Your health and fitness should be the last thing that stops you from enjoying both the simple and finer things that life has to offer. Hmmmm...another delicious meal. As I head home, I try to think of a different order of exercises to try for that body part next time. Just as it is essential to follow certain guidelines in order to reach your goals in bodybuilding, you should also strive to balance out your life by indulging in other activities and enjoyments that life itself has to offer. I wake up each morning and my first thought is standing on that stage. As weeks draw closer to the competition, I will increase posing practice to a full hour (I may break it into two 30 minute sessions, if needed). Being more fit equates to being physically able to do more life activities you enjoy doing with much more energy and motivation, slowing down the aging process (living longer), increased confidence and self well-being, better overall body functioning and performance, and knowing that you can achieve the goals you set out to do, both inside the gym as well as in all other areas of your life. In bed by 9:30!!! The Life: Inside The Life of a Natural Bodybuilder - YouTube I shout in my head and bolt for the break room for my last meal before training. By now, I'm almost ready to eat my sixth and final meal. Time to head out. Some details may be left out since I don't want to bore you to death!! I start first by making a self-evaluation. When do I need to start intense cardio? I already have a mirror set-up, next to the T.V. And what better time to start enhancing your progress in the gym and making changes to the way you live your life than now! Do you have a plan or set goals every time you workout? I'm beginning to feel water-logged and can almost feel water swirling in my stomach. The final hours continue on like this. Some details may be left out since I don't want to bore you to death!! At the end of the meal, I take my protein, dissected liver, and multi-vitamin with water. First, a little down-time. It's 12:10 before I realize it. Out of the fridge I pull out all the things I have previously cooked. portion of lean beef with 2 cups salad. I then get dressed. Arnold Schwarzenegger first gained fame as a bodybuilder, using that as a launching point to become a huge Hollywood star and, later, the governor of California. Fish oil are your basic healthy fatty acids that your body requires. 5777 N Meeker Ave, Boise, ID 83713-1520 USA. What is my competition doing to prepare? Stay tuned..... My bodybuilding experience began October 23rd 1999 at the Midwest States Natural (aka Monster Mash). Realize what bodybuilding has to offer you, seize the benefits and apply them to your everyday life. I arrive home at 7pm and head straight to the kitchen. On the way, I stop at the water cooler to get some water. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.". To help maintain your consistency with diet, training, and recuperation, smaller variables, such as cutting down on heavy partying, not smoking, passing up on unhealthy fast-food, checking over nutrition labels of foods you buy, training with high intensity, setting goals, and giving yourself 8-10 hours of sleep nightly, should be implemented as much as possible into your lifestyle. Now, I begin my mandatory poses holding each for one minute. Each minute seems to take an eternity until finally its 9:00 am!!!


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