April 23, 2020 March 4, 2020 by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff. As much as I liked the Silver Sky pickups when I first got that guitar, over time I realized I liked them but the guitar didn't sound as much like a strat as I guess I prefer. PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Review. Laut Mayers Aussage ging mit seinem PRS Signature-Modell der Traum in Erfüllung, eine E-Gitarre designen zu dürfen, die sowohl seine favorisierten Vintage-Spezifikationen als auch einen modernen Spirit und eine moderne Ästhetik verkörpern kann. I think this is a $1,200 guitar. Guitar Girl Magazine // Full Review Here "The PRS John Mayer Silver Sky is a blend between vintage and that classic PRS creamy, sophisticated look and tone we have all come to love." Cost: $2299.00, learn more at PRS.com and find your own on Reverb.com! April 27, 2018. John Mayer PRS Silver Sky Review. Als die ersten Bilder der neuen PRS John Mayer Silver Sky Anfang 2018 in den Sozialen Netzwerken auftauchten, untke man sofort: ,Your Body Is Another Brand’. He is well associated with the guitar, from look through to tone. Die PRS Silver Sky ist ohne Zweifel von der legendären Stratocaster inspiriert und entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit John Mayer. Any mention of name John Mayer and the word ‘guitar’ and the mind swiftly conjures up an image of Mayer, complete with agonizing guitar face, and a Fender Stratocaster firmly in hand. Overview… Great fit and finish and all that, but the way the strings and neck feel, it feels a little short scale. So it’s no shocker that his new PRS signature model is basically a vintage-flavored S-style filtered through Paul Reed Smith’s aesthetic. Like a cowboy chords are much closer to your body with the left hand. Guitar World Magazine // Full Review Here “After playing the Silver Sky, it’s easy to understand why it took so long to design and why John Mayer embraced this endeavor. Try to a/b it with a real fender strat or Nash or a more true fender strat clone (lsl, dano, etc). Silver Sky 2020 review / PRS / Electric Guitars / Unbiased reviews of guitar equipment, CD and DVD music at Ultimate-Guitar.Com Meaning I think it’s a very good instrument, if you like big necks. September 2018 (Bild: Dieter Stork),Your Body Is A Wonderland’, so der Titel des ersten John-Mayer-Hits aus dem Jahr 2001. PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature im Test. Ignore the haters, believe the hype, the Silver Sky is my new favorite guitar. Credit: PRS Guitars I have wanted to try this guitar since it was announced so I cannot thank Jeanne from PRS enough for loaning me this for review! The playability of the Silver Sky reminded me of the playability of the affordable PRS S2 range, which runs in the $900 to $1,300 range. Which I was initially enthralled by. A A John Mayer is passionate about his early-’60s Fender Stratocasters. Just doesn't feel like a strat. Those pickups were so beefy, so hot - it sounded like MORE THAN a strat. von Dieter Roesberg, 2. The silver sky felt like a music man, or peavey or something. Joe Gore.


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