Both SE Holllowbody guitars employ an ebony fingerboard – quite a rarity in PRS’s history, although commonplace in the archtop world. Diehard fans of the original Hollowbody might not care to admit it but, in our mind, the SE version feels better. This Omen is not as versatile as PRS SE Standard 24, but it handles distorted tones even better. There are kerfed linings to provide enough gluing surface for the top and back to be attached to what are relatively thin sides. It is also slightly rounder, with a bigger feel in lower positions and more bulk in higher positions. The primary difference between the two SE Hollowbody guitars is the wood used for the top and back. Consider these guitars blank canvases in terms of the sounds you can get. The setups on both guitars is excellent. The Standard is moodier and darker. Over the years, the SE range has expanded from cornerstone solidbody designs to include signature editions and, now, the new SE Hollowbody Standard. But it's a different story with the pickups. These SEs are unusual for laminated hollowbodies in that there is no top bracing, but they do feature additional block support – approximately 22mm thick – under the top between the aforementioned bridge block and the end of the neck. It is, however, a pity that PRS didn’t deploy the four-control toggle treatment of the 594, and position on the shoulder just so. Both guitars have a top laminate measuring just under 4mm thick. The Standard uses a five-ply mahogany that you can see at the edges of the unbound f-holes. The tones are very impressive. PRS’s imported SE guitars have always been built to a very high standard. Playability, too, feels great in every way—from the impressively well-dressed frets to the easy-to-love neck shape. The SE Hollowbody Standard also features a very comfortable Wide Fat mahogany set neck and a premium ebony fingerboard emblazoned with iconic PRS bird inlays. The original Hollowbody Spruce is a slightly lighter guitar than either SE and now feels quite compact in comparison, especially when played seated. The larger format makes it feel more like a proper semi. The SEs certainly seem a bit more ES-like initially. BA1 1UA. Here we have Asian-made ‘S’ versions of the covered PRS 58/15 humbuckers. The covered 58/15 ‘S’ pickups are Indonesian versions of PRS’s USA 58/15 humbuckers and were wound specifically for these guitars. I’m a blues player as well, and played big jazz boxes for years, always longing for true hollowbody sound where I could bend the strings. The PRS McCarty Archtop and the ongoing Hollowbody guitars were launched in 1998 and remain solid-wood constructs – a build made possible by CAD design and CNC routing. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? On the II, you can knock the tone all the way back should you wish to emulate that Standard's darker voice, then bring it up when you need more clarity. Models like the much-loved Zach Myers Semi-Hollow, SE Mira and Starla, the Mark Holcomb models – and the Santana Singlecut Trem that are unique to the SE line. Each delivered appealing richness, sweetness, and girth while maintaining outstanding articulation—even with distortion in the mix. Hit the distortion or overdrive and the SE Hollowbody sings and wails confidently, with the same lively response you hear in clean settings and the capability to conjure the hovering, controllable feedback that well-designed hollowbodies do so well. /* Add your own Mailchimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. The original feels a hollowbody crammed into a solidbody size, which of course it is. The quality of PRS’s SE guitars makes the Annapolis builder’s accessibly priced line one of the most rock solid in the business. But that said, the no-fuss setup with no coil-splits lets you focus on the playing. The bodies have an all-laminate build, just like the Gibson ES-335, for example. Bird inlays are not to everyone's tastes. The biggest neck profile offered by PRS, the Wide Fat neck is now called the Pattern profile on the USA Core models. There's a very subtle shimmer on the pearloid bird inlays, too, definitely more subtle than other bird inlay details used by PRS. There are no coil-splits as we see on many PRS guitars. Contents. The result is a marvelously light guitar of around 6.5 pounds. But what was most striking was that working through a wide range of playing approaches never left me thinking, “If I tweak this, adjust that, or replace the other thing, this guitar will be just right.” It’s that versatile and complete right out of the case, and for many players will be close to perfect as is. Celebrating its 35th year in production, PRS has launched a slew of new electric guitars, with the SE Hollowbody Standard and the Hollowbody II reinterpreting one of the company's most-loved designs for its more affordable SE line. The SE Hollowbody Standard has a deep body that pushes 2 ½" thick at the peak of the top arch. When you roll that tone back, it gets a little woolly. PRS’s proven ability to bring top quality and clever design to functional reality at a fair price is confidently embodied in the SE Hollowbody Standard. The rear of the headstocks indicate where they were made: by Cor-Tek in China. Privacy Policy | The full-width neck forms the heel and this slots in nicely under the neck pickup cavity. First Look: Hughes & Kettner Spirit Nano Series. In-Flight Entertainment I dig the 58/15 “S” humbuckers (which read 7.74k ohms in the neck and 8.46k ohms in the bridge). The Standard is built from five-ply mahogany; the II has the same five-ply mahogany on the sides but adds both a five-ply maple top and back with an attractive flamed figure. The adjustable wrapover Stoptail bridge is the same model that is used by PRS on various guitars throughout its ranges. Vintage 25th Anniversary Series V75-SVB, V6H-SVB & V100-SVB review, What you need to know about Gibson 'Dreadnought' Jumbos. Both guitars use a very simple control setup of master volume and tone with a three-way toggle pickup selector. The Standard’s darker voice might make it more of a specialist's guitar. As with the US-built Hollowbody models, there will be feedback at high gain and higher volume levels – especially if you are on a crowded stage and stationed close to your amp. Clean settings also reveal how dynamic the guitar is—sensitive to picking attack and volume attenuation adjustments alike. We have seen SE versions of the Mark Tremonti Standard, Paul's Guitar and Custom 24 2018 come along and blow our minds. Hooked: Kenny Wayne Shepherd on Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)", 4.


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