I recently installed Mountain spotted Gum in combined dinning and lounge room and the colour is so much darker than previously seen online and in shops ? Korlok has quickly proven itself as the most popular range in the hybrid flooring segment with countless advocates at both consumer and installer levels. Champagne Oak is actually one of our most popular designs in LooseLay. Sorry to hear this Kevin. If you have any other questions on Karndean or any other information that needs clarification, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The retail price of this Karndean flooring is in the $4 – $7 per sq/ft price range , … Regular sweeping and mopping with a pH neutral cleaner is all that's required to keep surfaces free of dirt and grime. There could be a few causes for this including but not limited to temperature/weather, sub-floor moisture or workmanship/installation error. For example, in many instances our Korlok products can be laid directly over pre existing surfaces with minimal preparation however, our Gluedown ranges often require more preparation or even the removal of pre existing flooring before installation to be laid successfully. This has put me right off buying 60sqms of looselay Champagne Oak. If you’ve not already done so and would like to sample Warm Ash to inspect the quality of the product for yourself, please order your free samples via our website www.karndean.com/samples or alternatively contact our friendly customer service team on 188 331 170.Thanks again,Karndean Designflooring. Karndean Korlok Australian Ghost Gum $ 55.45. We recommend that you ensure all planks and tiles are free from traffic and direct contact for 24hrs after installation. This is confirmed an measured through industry standard testing, with some degree of result variation by product. The floor cleaner you are referring to is called Versadet and can be purchased at Bunnings. I vacuum and dust it regularly with a hard floor … Its probably a nightmare to remove as well as its all glued down and theres nailed down ply underneath that.Is it just particular ranges?Looked great in the showroom and had be recommended by friends.Wish i had gone for engineered oak now! Garry Newstead 1 year ago. This warm, mid-tone plank offers a consistent, neutral color. Very happy with the product and the outcome. Hi Kaylene,Thanks for your question. Has anyone had the Warm Ash installed and had problems with it? Ours is exactly the same, I just spent over $100 On cleaning products, scourer mops, heavy duty decreaser. Karndean Korlok Weathered Spotted Gum $ 55.45. Alternatively you can visit the 'caring for your floor' section of our website https://www.karndean.com/en-au/floors/guides-and-resources/resources/cleaning-and-maintenance, I am thinking of laying korlock warm spotted gum in my new home but after all of these negative responses I now have doubts. Thanks. Thanks Garry, spotted gum was our other choice. I would encourage you to continue your conversation with and ask questions from your retailer about LooseLay – particularly their experience and feedback on other projects with Karndean. Probably needs relaying with additional glue. Karndean … We have sent you a message try and learn more around your specific situation. Hope this helps. I have noticed that many of the negative reviews have been posted recently, in regard to the vinyl planks looking dirty and hard to clean- we are having the exact same issues and waiting on a response from Karndean. We’d be happy to organise a time to look further into this with you if you’d like. Don't waste your money they are garbage you've been warned. Related Products. I mop it and my mop doesn’t show hardly any dirt, whereas our hardwood seemed to absorb dirt....i could never get it really clean. Karndean reviews; Visit our showroom; Contact us; Karndean and the Environment About us >> Contact details Tel: 1800 331 170; Contact form; Find a retailer; Address Melbourne Showroom; 835 Stud Road; Knoxfield; VIC 3180; Showroom opening hours Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs & Fri; Closed; Saturday; Closed; Visit us at our showroom in Melbourne Contact us >> Korlok. The variation across the planks combined with a staggered lay, adds to look of a varied grey wood look. Will this be a problem on the boards in front of heater?? Have laid Karndean longboard loose lay in Blackbutt love it. Karndean has a national network of flooring specialists. Thanks . Use our Find a Retailer tool to locate your nearest stores. The straight grain detailing allows the product a certain subtlety, which lends itself well to modern and Scandinavian-inspired interiors. Dirt, spills and footprints can be simply mopped away using a vinyl approved floor cleaner that is PH neutral mixed with water. Listing monitored by Karndean representatives. I have a question re the flooring and use of our gas heater. I am about to get Korlock Warm Ash installed but after reading some very negative reviews about Karndean products I am reconsidering. You may then use your new floor.Thanks again.Karndean Designflooring, hi I need honey ironbark karndean floor for a total of 57 sqm. Unfortunately the reviews above are a few isolated incidences, which have been amplified being on a public forum. Download our cleaning and maintenance guide or visit our Cleaning and Maintenance page for more information including details of Karndean’s proprietary cleaning products. Korlok Select features a 5G vertical click locking system, specifically designed for an easy installation, as it allows installers to quickly click and lock planks together. Hi Casey,Thank you for taking time to ask your question. I would never use Karndean ever ever ever again! Unlike other flooring manufacturers, Karndean Design specializes in producing luxury … It's been down 7 years and it's brilliant. An error has occurred. You’ll notice both light grey highlights as well darker grey mid-tones. We have karndean throughout the ground floor, it replaced ceramic tiles and good quality laminate. Hello there,Thanks for your question. The level of subfloor preparation required is really dependent on which of our product ranges you are wanting to lay and the condition of your pre existing flooring to begin with.


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