Mg_3N_2. Character tables and a periodic table are provided at the end of the exam (feel free to separate and keep in front of you). FeCl_3 5. In naming compounds, what is the difference between -ite, -ide, and -ate? Balance the following equation and identify its type. You need to spend the same amount of time studying and getting your hands on the exam papers. So, what should you do? The name for the compound CaCl2 is calcium chlorite. What is the reaction that occurs when copper metal and aqueous nickel(II) nitrate are combined? b)The compound would be expected to have a relatively low melting point. Sodium bicarbonate is useful as a fire extinguisher because (a) It serves as a blanket for fire. Don't show me this again. When sample A of methane, CH_4, decomposes, it produces 35.0 grams of C and 2.04 grams of H. When sample B of CH_4 decomposes, it produces 23.0 grams of C. What mass of H is produced by sample B? H2CO3 + 2Na arrow Na2CO3 + H2 is an example of a decomposition reaction. a. Muriatic acid, HCI, is really hydrochloric acid. Give the compound formula for copper (I) phosphide. According to the activity series, which of the following single replacement reactions will take place and result in a reaction? How much KClO2 was decomposed? Write the formula of the ionic compound formed from Al3+ and PO43-. Access the answers to hundreds of Inorganic chemistry questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand. (b) It releases water which extinguishes fire. If no reaction takes place then write No Reaction. NaOH \rightarrow 2. Write the balanced equation for the reaction. B) ionic compounds involving transition metals. Which of the following is the name for XeF4? What are the completed and net ionic equations for Mg + Sn^2+ and Fe + Mg^2+? Write the formula of the ionic compound formed from Al3+ and SO32-. a. Cu + CaCl2 b. Li + NaCl c. Mg + FeCl3 d. Ca + AlCl3. What is the formula for the ionic compound formed from magnesium and phosphorus? a. cobalt(II) chloride b. phosphorus pentachloride c. Co(NO3)2 d. MnCl2 e. potassium carbonate f. dinitro... What does the activity series of metals measure? What is the reaction that shows the decomposition of magnesium chlorate (Mg(ClO3)2)? Classify the following chemical reaction: 2 NOCl (g) rightleftharpoons 2 NO (g) + Cl_2 (g) a) Combustion reaction b) Synthesis reaction c) Decomposition reaction d) Single-replacemen... A 3.557-gram sample of iron(III) oxide was decomposed into iron and oxygen, yielding 2.254 grams of iron. a. Vanadide ion b. Vanadium (II) ion c. Vanadium (I) ion d. Vanadium (IV) ion, The proper name for MnO is: a. Magnesium oxide b. Magnesium (II) oxide c. Manganese oxide d. Manganese (II) oxide. CaCO3(s) arrow CaO(s) + CO2(g), Identify the type of reaction shown in the following chemical equation. What is the electron count for the organometallic complex Ir(H)2(PEt3)2(CO)Br? This is a huge factor in being able to take the test. Write out the name of each of the following compounds: a. Na2CO3 b. Ca(OH)2 c. Mg(NO3)2 d. Mn(CH3CO2)2 e. Mg3(PO4)2, Write out the name of each transition-metal containing compound: a. Fe2O3- b. Fe(HSO3)2- c. SnF4- d. Cu2O-, Decomposition Reactions: Complete and balance: 1. A downward pointing arrow (\downarrow) refers to formation of precipitate.... Use the following choices to classify each reaction given below (more than one choice may apply). Give the balanced chemical equation for barium reacting with copper (II) nitrate. a. ionic b. molecular c. acid d. base. In addition, you will also find other study guides and checklists at the back of the book. Zinc metal is placed in a solution of nitric acid. d) copper (Il) ion, What is the correct name for Na3P? What is the formula for tin(IV) hypochlorite? compounds include a prefix on the first and second elements and a suffix on the second element, whereas compounds do not have prefixes and only include a suffix on the second element. A 32.3-gram sample of impure potassium nitrate (KNO3) was heated to complete decomposition according to the equation: 2 KNO_3(s) \rightarrow 2 KNO_2(s) + O_2(g) After the reaction was complete, th... What will happen if a piece of silver metal is placed in a solution of zinc nitrate? What are the IUPAC names for Fe2O3 and MgO? That is easier than looking for an inorganic chemistry exams and solutions if that is different. Fe_2(CO_3)_3 \rightarrow Fe_2O_3(s) + 3CO_2(g). Which of the following statements is incorrect? a. bromic acid, HBrO2 b. calcium sulfide, Ca(HS)2 c. aluminum nitride, AlN d. iron(III) oxide, FeO e. ammonia, NH4+, What is the name for CuS? Based on the activity series provided, which reactants will form products?


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