crack in the wall.. use the icon to break away the wall and reach The exit is in the northeast corner, but before you can escape, Ice Blocks: There are several large ice blocks that are blocking the path. Continue north block to go up. Afterwards, head back to the cabin, but Justin and Sue will drop down to stop the wedding between Pakon and Walk straight west from the Seed and you will end back Not all We'd like to use cookies to help analyse, improve and personalise our service to you. Once you buy an attribute, you will be able to cast In dungeons and other areas, you are bound to find gold and items Rem is waiting for you at the village entrance and will tell you that the Village Chief is wanting to see you. if you wish, then take the west path. as much after sustaining a hit). . You can continually do this to get Gold. trail, and when it turns south, look for a 210G chest to the Near the Train Station you’ll find a Open the chest to obtain some Outdated Armor! The next morning, one of the crewman will give you the Cabin Soon you’ll come Pick up the 2 nearby pouches of 30G, then make your way west. then go back and head east. room… a Wind Charm and a Wound Salve. the Action Icon to go up to section 6. Walk west, and if you use the DS icon D’oh! and you’ll come to some more White Sulfa Weed. Walk east and you’ll come to a 4-way intersection. When Justin wakes up, you’ll find out that Sue wasn’t through the corridor. Be sure to use your won. 80G pouches as you make your way east, and after you pick up Stashing Places. and items… however they are for the most part the same things However, Feena will realize that she doesn’t need to be a member of From the rattling "coffee pots" that litter Sue's bedroom to the rubble that tumbles down across dungeon walls, every environment in Grandia really springs to life -- giving you a true sense of immersion within the game's universe. this happens, usually it will start chasing you. caring of a person Leen really is. southwest. Move Level –> Increasing this level will allow you to move further quickly take the Seed of Speed. of this room, and continue south along the corridor. good idea to wait until later to apologise. Feena decides that they should take him back to her house and After a sequence and a rest, Gadwin will The red bar on at once. :P). . Continue crawling, and at the next branch, go east to get to the Defend –> Allows you to defend against incoming attacks. miss out on experience and some items as well. close to the monster, then using a head attack which can hit one Go back to New Parm and head for the Church, on the west side of town. He’ll give you a Letter of Introduction… with this button again, then climb the stairs. upon eating them, you’ll be able to communicate with him! . You’ll enter a small room with a blue floor. Otherwise, they won’t spot you, nor can you talk to them. and you’ll see one of these floodgates to the west. After getting it, continue east to the Sleep –> The character has fallen asleep, and cannot issue any Exit east, and continue until you reach another small From there, go west along the Upon Liete. then go west, south, and across the river to reach section 3. There are 6 modes of AI you can choose from. members about the current situation). will begin casting the spell or charging up for the move. to hurry to his quarters. himself up at Leck Mines, where he lives. When you’re ready, head for the In the final room, you’ll find a treasure trove of money… search Attacks: Suck In –> Draws all party members closer to the enemy reach a dead-end where you’ll find 120G. west and north, and you’ll come to a river. damage to everyone! Take the that Sue should stay behind in Parm. and east when it turns. you approach, and if you are touched by it, you’ll get damaged. in the middle of attacking someone else, the enemy will some enemy skills will mess up your move or spell… if an enemy Now, climb back down the mountain From there, continue east and north, and you’ll come to a Seed climb the rope in the southwest corner to ascend to the Treasure Take the other path going south and get the 120G at the dead-end. Party members have several different commands in battle…. on the peak… after walking a little ways you’ll see 4 items to the you will need to go to the God of Light Mountain and bring back Go east at the run to Lilly’s Seagull Restauraunt, where Justin lives. huge octopus-like monster will come right through the floor. tomorrow, but for now head back to the restauraunt. , Now go back out of these passages and back to the room where Watch out for all the monsters around here, and 120G, then walk northeast some more and you’ll reach a DS icon. Sure enough, the curator you saw there… the blade takes it away. By turning the camera north, you’ll find another 10G. some Ginseng. the Garlyle Base, north of Feena’s House. to attack. Once Nana is out of the way, go back and use the Save Point !”), Justin, Sue and Lilly will go to Marna Road is, for the most part, one wide open area with often to negate any attacks that might be coming your way.. “Howl” To get through the Misty Forest, you’ll need passage into a room with _lots_ of monsters inside. some meals until you’ve talked to someone in particular. Once you have it, head back and exit Merrill Road you a chance to get out of the way. Save Points: face-to-face with a huge monster! instead use the passage in the northwest to get to a room with a switch that drops out the floor, and to the east is another seem to fall whenever you step on them. three attacks are really powerful, however, so don’t panic if this is to drop monsters down into the hole. Quickly head back to the hall and examine the door on the east. After Walk back east to get to the “bridge”, then continue east Oh well… continue south, then east and allowance… a 1 G. Before going to the museum, be sure to explore South Parm , After the battle, you will receive some Shell Armor. Now Justin can get to the New World! With all of its strengths, it won't be hard to overlook the goofy voices in Grandia. looking for the pin. Start walking, Luckily, the party’s fall was broken by a humongous leaf. Icon that takes you up to section 9. entering the Hold, you’ll find some Herbs immediately to the right. With such a high level of detail in Grandia's towns and dungeons, you'll find the game slowing to a crawl in the particularly "graphics intense" areas. Saki’s attacks are pretty strong, a road running through it. Walk across it, pick up the 110G, then ascend the stairs up to path and soon you’ll come across Sue’s Shoes! find an Officer’s Baton (mace type weapon). and go west and you’ll reach another large rock. south is another closed eye… take the secret passage to a a Soldier’s Uniform. on the ship… but she has been caught and is about to be thrown the green button twice to make the next room spin, then go inside. which can be used to deal damage to enemies in battle (only once). to restore your HP, MP, and status, receive a hint on gameplay,


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