Should tl~ agri-business produce only crops, only livestock or son-combination? On a collective farm in the Soviet Union with 30,000 acres (12,000 hectares) and 400 workers, major management decisions are made by party–state representatives; the collective-farm chairman responds largely to their directives, though the farm manager is being given greater autonomy. Please select which sections you would like to print: Corrections? Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. However  one may also consider a forth question of “, A limited amount of resources to use in reaching these goals and. This is relevant question because production and marketing of agricultural output has very much to do with time periods, which inform certain management decisions. However  one may also consider a forth question of “when to produce“. Basic concepts in farm management. Crops can be produced with large machinery and little labour or smaller machinery and more labour. Farm management can be thought of as being a decision making process, it is a continual process because of the continual changes taking place in the economy, and in an individual agri-business. Your email address will not be published. Because farms differ widely, the significant concern in farm management is the specific individual farm; the plan most satisfactory for one farm may be most unsatisfactory for another. Weather, prospective yields, and the price outlook are the constant concern of competent and alert farm managers. A manager must select the appropriate combination of. On the other hand, there will be . To reach a satisfactory income requires operating on an increasing scale of output and increasing specialization. Future agricultural progress depends on improving the quality of management and the environment in which farmers make decisions and on helping them adjust their decisions to the changing environment. Save 50% off a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Farm management, making and implementing of the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. In Southeast Asia the manager of the typical small farm with ample labour, limited capital, and only four to eight acres (1.6–3.2 hectares) of land, often fragmented and dispersed, faces an acute capital–land management problem. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Getting all aspect of agricultural records and updates for quality farm products. In order to appreciate the principles of farm management, it is important to first of all understand what a farm is and then the concept of management. It will improve the family’s food security and it will make the family’s income more predictable and reliable. The process of organizing and coordinating personnel, materials and processes in an organization towards the achievement of the organization goals is termed management. Production, operational, strategic, administrative and marketing management decisions. Premium Membership is now 50% off! The decisions are concerned with allocating the limited resources of land, labour and capital among alternative and usually, competing uses. In the low-income agricultures of the world in the 1980s, expanded research, improved input supplies and transport facilities, enlarged market opportunities, and an otherwise encouraging environment promise to open up a much wider area for managerial choice and decision making. The subject branches into various fields application according to organizational peculiarities. Farming evolves over time. Corn and soybean cash-crop farming systems have increased in number along with corn-hog-fattening farms and corn-beef-fattening farms. On a typical 400-acre (160-hectare) corn-belt farm in the United States with a labour force equivalent to two full-time men, physical conditions and available technologies allow a wide range of options in farming systems. do again, if the farm has problems, the farmer will possibly know why and what to do about it. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article (requires login). Author of. loss if the total value of the inputs is higher than the total value of the output. Use of early maturing crop varieties; efficient scheduling of the sequence of land preparation, planting, and harvesting; use of seedbeds and transplanting operations for intensive land use through multiple cropping; efficient use of irrigation and commercial fertilizer; and selection of chemicals to control insects, diseases, and weeds—all of these are possible measures for increasing production and income from each unit of land. This results in profit for the farm. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. is an .economic unit (firm) where inputs are transformed into outputs through an interaction between natural and man-made factors.


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