To see a pigeon in your dream suggests that you are taking the blame for the actions of others. It is a beautiful spirit animal to possess. It might even help you discover your true life … Gambler’s dreaming of pigeons indicates that the dreamer will win a lot of money. I had a dream that bird poop was all over the hood of my car. Fortunately, most of them indicate the goodness in the person and the ability of people to be kind and loving. Pigeon. Pigeon in a dream can be a good sign or a bad sign depending on the details that happened in your dream. For the young woman such dream promises a fast and successful marriage. In here, you can see that there is a lot of symbolism that can be linked to pigeons and doves. To dream of pigeons indicates good marriage and much money for you. To dream that a pigeon flies away from your hands indicates that your loved one will leave you. To dream of pigeons flying away from your hands indicates that your wife will leave you. This big bird was trying to get me, its mouth was open and eating at the window next thing I know the bird got smart in realize the glass wasn't letting it in. To dream of pigeons being killed indicates that the wife (or husband) to die. If several pigeons are flying all over your house, that is a sign of change. Pigeons eggs in a dream represent one’s daughters or female neighbors. Be merciful to people. Pigeon’s nest in a dream represents women’s parties. To dream of others catching pigeons A dream in which you see someone else catching pigeons means that you have a secret admirer. Pigeon chicks in a dream represent the boys in a family. Zhougong’s Dream Dictionary . The dream in which you for the sake of an entertainment shoot at pigeons, means that from under a virtue mask at you sometimes looks through rigidity. The situation is even more complicated since one of you has a partner. A domesticated pigeon in a dream represents a beautiful woman from Arabia. It would help if you had a modification because you are starting to feel doubtful. Pigeons also represent gossip or news. If you see a dove near you, then it is a good sign for romance. A gambler dreams of pigeons indicates that the dreamer will win a lot of money. If you are married, then this is happiness in your household. It can also represent a trip you would do. To dream that a pigeon is killed is a bad omen indicating the dreamer’s wife (or husband) will pass away. Someone from your surroundings likes you a lot, but they are afraid of admitting it to you. Its was big poop not from an ordinary bird as I was looking at the hood. Pigeon’s rumbling or roar in a dream means reproofor censure for a fault. Because of it, every next step requires risk. Such dream promises a peace in the home and fine children. Perhaps the pigeon refers to a message from your subconscious. If you see a lot of pigeons in your dream, then this is interpreted as a good sign. Besides, the dream warns you against concessions of low passions. Dream of pigeons at home.


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