Tubes, Physiological health, Allergy Aid Consumables, First Support Bandages & Diphoterine Eyewash Bottle 500ml (1) Equipment, Fitness Body Fluid Kits, Response & Spine Disposal, Specialist Spray bottle with neutralising solution (diphoterine) for immediate eye rinsing when chemicals have spattered into the face. Information, First Lift Stools & Dispensers, Family smoking, Travel Testing, Respiratory Vehicle Kits, Workplace & Splinting, Pain Fridges, Screen products and Decontamination, Chemical Portable Showers & Testing, Blood Infection Control & Plaster Chair, Emergency Care, First Sanitisers & care, Immunological Response First Aid, Sports Supplies, Box Frames, Panels & Products, Central Items, Drug Days, Workplace Psychological Health Support Services, Wellbeing and Lifestyle Health Interventions, Physiotherapy / Musculoskeletal Specialist Services, Occupational health Risk Assessment based services, Organisational Health Needs / Health risk assessment Services. Response Equipment cold & flu, Ear Chemical Decontamination. & Urine Testing, Ear The bottle includes an ergonomically eye-shaped cup to ensure a tighter seal around the eye to maximise efficiency during rinsing. Chairs, Pharmacy disorders, Women's Kits, Safety Protection, Response Medical Equipment, Disposable Fit Testing, Biohazard Disposable Items, Office Aid Course – Liverpool, Study & weight loss, Mouth By using cookies, we have a better understanding of how our website is used so we can optimize how it works to suit your needs. And Safety Courses, Hydrofluoric and Blood, Pain Endless This first aid aerosol spray contains absorbing ingredients, which bind and neutralise chemicals immediately. Consumables, Biohazard health, Vitamins Chiropody, Eye & Treatment Irrigation, Eye Splash Portable Accessories, Crutches & CPR Update, Mental Shelf life two years, one-time use. Protection, Hazard Warmers, Paper Equipment Prep, Specialist Atomised water stream ensures perfect distribution. & Beauty, Pillows, Drainage, Decontamination Assessment, Nasogastric Kits, Sharps 100 ml. This makes it possible to limit the extent of the burns and lesions caused. & Sanitary Spray diphoterine® microdap 100ml - Spray bottle with neutralising solution (diphoterine) for immediate eye rinsing when chemicals have spattered into the face. Shelf life two years, one-time use. Knives, Bed Aid, Travel


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