For that, I am here to represent you and exercise my traditional right as an old friend to scorn the birthday boy/girl and make him/her do what’s right. I love you so much, brother. May the disappointments of yesterday be so thoroughly overshadowed by the joys of the future that they become the stories you tell in the tales of your ascension. Happy birthday to you! Even though we are gathered here in celebration of your birthday, I feel like I am the guest of honor since I had the privilege of coming as your date. I am such a rich person because I have you in my life. It amazes me how you always maintain top-level performances in all that you do. I find the greatest happiness when I’m with you. Regardless of what happens in life, in my heart, you shall forever be my best friend and the recipient of the “World’s Best Father” award. Have a wonderful birthday to you my love! Have your sweet self a blissful birthday! May you live a healthy, prosperous and happy life. Honey, my love for you is as eternal as God. This is a toast to the greatest wife in the world! There is no one on earth whose birthday could have brought us all together like this except for my wife. I always wonder in amazement how I got so lucky to have you as not just my beloved husband but also my best friend. Buy now. Cheers. I hope you have a beautiful birthday celebration today. Nothing on earth or up in heaven can ever take your place in my heart. Thank you so much for blessing me with your spectacular love. Happy birthday. Sweet darling, you make my heart sing happy songs, and I promise to do everything within my power to ensure that your heart also sings cheerfully all the time. Sponsored Links . No matter how dark the path I trod becomes, the radiant beams of your love illuminate my path and guide me to great happiness and contentment. I pray that you live for another 100 years because on the day you die so will I. Happy Big Day! May you keep shining on everyone you … May we be blessed with many more years of your wisdom, love, support and leadership. The sound of these glasses clinging, in honor of the person we came here to celebrate, is a pleasant noise I hope we all get to experience for many more years to come. Sentimental Birthday Toasts For a Good Friend I would like to raise a toast to one of the most inspirational individuals that I have ever known. We wish you a sensational anniversary! Related wishes articles. Cheers. Your unparalleled tutelage and great wisdom have helped in brightening my world in such a remarkable way. Words only mean so much. I wish you many days and years of pure fun and great ecstasy. A toast to you on your Big Day, brother! My dearest Mother, may you be happy for eternity. Darling, for making my life sweeter than honey, I pray that happiness will forever surround you like water surrounds an island. Get crafting with this exclusively designed LoveSVG freebie. Cat Chorus Birthday Song. Mom, on your birthday, I say thank you for dedicating a great deal of your time to me. Today my heart is filled with joy as I look forward to delighting in another year in the life of my loving husband. Cheers to a brother whose personality is nothing but vibrant and cheerful. Let’s drink to honor a very special person today, let’s drink to celebrate everything good that he/she has done for this world and the people around him/her, and of course let’s also drink to try to forget all his/her outrageous missteps. You deserve to live longer. Cheers to you! It’s nothing short of a blessing to have an outstanding wife like you. Everything is subject to decay except my love for you. Babe, this is your special day. The eternal friendship I have with you is my most prized possession in this world. When I’m sad, all I need to do to bring happiness back into my soul is fall into your arms. I wish you health, prosperity, longevity and all things beautiful. CTY set up the signs early before she woke up and they were just perfect! Even though I am but a novice speaker, today I decided to cast all fear aside just to impress on you how much I care. Here’s to my lovely boyfriend. The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I love you so much. I love you very much. Sweetheart, my love for you will never end because it is a thousand times deeper than the deepest ocean in this universe. Happy birthday. Hoping you feel the same way too! What more could I ask for from God?! Sweetheart, the steady flow of happiness you give me is beyond price! Being with an amazing boyfriend like you brings my world more paradise than it can contain. I have the most wonderful brother on this planet and I will forever be grateful to God for making him my best friend. Happy birthday. Thank you for bringing a special kind of happiness into my life. Birthday toasts are undoubtedly very important in making the birthday celebrant’s moment a very exciting and colorful one. Cheers. Happy birthday love, and let me confidently speak for all when I wish you many more in good health and high spirits. The world would certainly have been a real paradise if more husbands were like you. Every year your birthday feels like the movie “Groundhog Day”, because you never appear to age. I love you. Happy birthday! You highly deserve all the adoration accorded you. Praying that the Lord will bless you with many more birthdays to come. On that note, we have provided below a bunch of original and well-written birthday toasts that can be used to make that great day of a dear one an incredibly memorable one for them. Image categories: Happy Birthday GIFs, Tags: birthday gif, Him, friend, collegue. Sweetheart, your sweet love gives my day-to-day life purpose. Sister, as we come together to celebrate the day of your birth, it is my pleasure to share such a wonderful bond with someone with a magnetic personality like you. Happy birthday, Father! Happy birthday, Dad! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to the mother of my children, the queen of my soul, the wife of my heart. Not even the remarkable beauty of the rising of the sun on a glorious day can compare to your beauty. Happy birthday. You are such a remarkable sister to have in this family and we can never ever hide the fact that you are a big source of inspiration to us. Happy birthday to you, my sweet, precious husband. I cannot thank you enough for bringing me paradise on earth. I shall treasure your love until the end of my journey on this planet called Earth. A beautiful greeting to send loving birthday wishes to family, friends and everyone... A Beautiful Birthday Message! Happy birthday to the woman who helped change me from a confused boy to a focused man. Cheers to you, my dearest friend! Cheers. Dad, on his special occasion of yours, I raise a toast to you and your truly phenomenal life.


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