WHITE BIRCH LOG BUNDLE $44.99. Having the option for two logs gives you the freedom to purchase exactly how many you need for your custom project. You can make coffee table out of logs or side tables. Decorative White Birch Logs Set for Fireplace $42.99. Create your own display or craft by ordering white birch logs. WHITE BIRCH LOG BUNDLE $44.99 White Birch Poles $39.99. Related Products. It will be very good designed piece of furniture. If you are very handy you can make chair out of one big log. Natural Colour or Red Heart is often sought after for it’s “character colour range”. BIRCH ROUNDS $29.99. It is moderate in … Size: 215/70R15 98T Log patterns: 5 logs, as shown in the pictures, distance between every two adjacent logs= ~6.6 Cm and between second adjacent Logs= ~10.9Cm. WHITE BIRCH PLANKS (set of 6) $73.00. From shop GnVDesignsCompany. Split Firewood- Birch $44.99. Also you can make different kinds of decorations out of logs. Wooden lamps made out of logs can be very decorative piece for your home. Finding a reliable source for timber can be challenging. For example you can make candle holders or vases. X Large White Birch Logs Sets $49.99. Large White Birch Logs Fireplace Sets $49.99. Birch wood, Birch Logs, Birch Decorations, Birch Display, Birch Poles, White Birch, Coiuntry Home Decor, Natural Wood Display, Wood Decor, GnVDesignsCompany. This birch lumber is usually creamy white, but a central brownish (natural or red heart) core is often present. White Birch Fill-A-Space Logs $59.99. WHITE BIRCH ORNAMENTS (set of 8) $34.00. For sale: a set of 4 Bridge Stone Winter Tires on steel rims. We listened to our customer base when they expressed a need for quality firewood. Split Firewood- White Birch $44.99. We did our research and found that the best wood for wood-burning stoves, indoor fireplaces, outdoor fire pits and pizza ovens, is fully-seasoned Alder, Birch and Maple. Split Firewood- White Birch $44.99. The pristine white birch logs will provide you that classic white birch touch to any home decor or crafting project that you have in mind. Our firewood division has experienced rapid growth with many repeat customers. For the most part, finding logs for sale requires building relationships with timber suppliers, whether they are logging companies, other sawmills, tree services, reclamation companies or log salvage operations. Taken off a 2007 Dodge Caravan, but it … Birch Stick Pack (set of 3) $19.99. Firewood Vancouver. Set of 3 Large White Birch logs $42.99. The growth ring pattern is faint, the texture is fine and uniform.


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