An Interview with Ben Lerner [POET, NOVELIST] by Tao Lin. 08/25/2011 02:10 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017 Ben Lerner is the author of three books of poetry: The Lichtenberg Figures, Angle of Yaw, and Mean Free Path, all from Copper Canyon Press. In early 1999, I gave a reading at Brown University. In the first ten pages we learn he’s recently received significant news from both his literary agent and his doctor. by Elsbeth Pancrazi. Share . by Kent Johnson. 253 Snaps. Share. Poet Novelist: An Interview with Ben Lerner . Ben Lerner’s static crackle of intelligence is the first thing you notice about him and his work. As co-executor of the Araki Yasusada writings, I was invited to read from Doubled Flowering, which had been published a little over a year before. January 26, 2020 | in Commentary, Dispatches News. 253 Snaps. An Interview with Ben Lerner Tao Lin. Students in a seminar taught by C.D. SHARE. Interviews. Two autobiographical novels and a collection of poetry won him the literary trifecta — Fulbright Interview With Ben Lerner, Author of Leaving the Atocha Station. An Interview with Ben Lerner. In 2011, his first novel, Leaving the Atocha Station, was released by Coffee House Press. Ben Lerner: In the morning I ask the girls what they want for breakfast, give it to them, and then they reject it and demand something else, so I serve that and eat what they’ve discarded.Today I had two waffles, one cut in half, as Marcela prefers, one quartered according to Lucía’s specifications. Ben Lerner’s second novel, 10:04, is narrated by a 33-year-old author who grew up in Topeka, Kansas and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. Ben Lerner is the author of three poetry collections: The Lichtenberg Figures (2004), Angle of Yaw (2006), and Mean Free Path (2010). Home > Features > Interviews > Poet Novelist: An Interview with Ben Lerner.


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