The MusicTribe PR video also gives us a little update on the announced Eurorack modules. Behringer C2 Vs samson C02 Sign in to disable this ad I have a small budget at present so i have invested in some cheap behringer . Also I understand the biggest problem with Behringer ( I also have a Eurorack MX1604A mixer circa 2001 which is incredible!!!) Infact i brought the Behringer C2, for £40 i could'nt go wrong. The C-4 is 3 dB more sensitive than the C-2, at the expense of having a 4 dB lower maximum sound pressure level I am now looking to pick up a small condenser and have looked at the Behringer B5's as well as Rode NT5 ($219.00) and Shure SM81 ($349.00) but for a fraction of the price for these I can get a B5 for $79. I have'nt yet tried them out as I have been working solid.

check out the. can you give me some advice to fix this problem? Thanks for your review as you have sold me on the B5. We can not say much at the moment, only they are working on new synthesizers as the picture shows, even with patch storage as the. Good luck! Behringer Eurorack News. Click to check best price . I did just see another thread on the forum regarding the C2 mics. No problem. However, there are anecdotal reports that the C-4 has lower self-noise than the C-2.Noise aside, there are three key differences. Behringer has the right developers for this in the team so make it happen. Annoyingly, Behringer have failed to publish the noise characteristics [] of the C-4, so we can’t make a judgement on that. Compare Behringer C-2 Matched Studio Condenser Microphones vs Behringer B-5 Single Diaphragm Condenser Microphone with Switchable Capsules vs MXL 770 Multipurpose Cardioid Condenser Microphone Midnight Purple vs MXL 770 Multipurpose Cardioid Condenser Microphone Black They are decent budget mics, and are definitely better than most others anywhere close to its price. I also have the Behringer C2 matched pair, which I picked up mainly for drum overheads or other stereo recording. Samson C02 - Cardioid Pickup Pattern - Gold-plated XLR connectors - Carry Case & shock-mounted mic clips included - Sold as stereo pair. Samson C02 Vs Behringer C2 . But you might want to try the Behringer B5's; I've heard they're awesome, but have never had a chance to try them out yet. One user commented that that C4 has much less internal/self noise.
Question About Background Static/White Noise. I can hear the difference in noise between the C2 and my AT2020 and others complained about the C2's noise level in that thread. So, it may be worth it to go with the C4 over the C2 for a stereo pair.


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